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Buying turf for your garden is a far more important process than you might initially think. Here at Northside Tree & Garden Services Sydney, we are committed to offering our expert opinion and advice to locals who may be unsure as to what option they should settle for. We are authorised distributors and installers, offering a comprehensive service that guides you through the process of selecting your turf, as well as supplying it and laying it in the process. For your convenience, we have created a complete guide that details how to best take care of your lawn. Any further questions or concerns will be happily taken care of by a friendly member of our professional staff, simply call 0410 638 755 to speak with us or book your free quote today.
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Water immediately after your new turf has been laid. Allow the water to seep through to the soil until the ground beneath the turf becomes wet. Continue this procedure for the first 14 days. After the initial period, you may then begin to taper off the watering frequency. Water permits are available through Sydney Water by calling 132 092. Please ensure that the new turf is not sitting in continual dampness, as this could cause the roots of the turf to rot. Consideration should be taken, as to what season of the year the lawn has been laid, as this can vary the amount of water that is required to establish the new lawn. Moisture can be monitored by poking your finger approximately 25mm into the soil, to determine whether the soil surface is moist or dry


Do not allow dogs, heavy traffic or walking over your freshly laid lawn for at least the first 3-4 weeks (in the warmer months) as this could hinder the root establishment. This will ensure you allow the turf the best possible chance to establish.


Your new lawn should not be mowed until the roots have firmly embedded themselves into the soil surface. This means that the turf rolls should NOT be able to be lifted off the soil. If you mow the lawn too early, it could inhibit the growth of the root system.


Top dressing is recommended if ground cover becomes uneven and lawn is beginning to look thin and poor in appearance. Before top dressing, the lawn should be mowed to a lower level, however this is only recommended during early Spring. Top dress with a quality washed river sand, ensuring that the leaf blades remain partially exposed. Fertiliser can also be applied at this time. Please ensure that when you top dress or fertilise your lawn, that you do water the grass on a regular basis. Do not mow your lawn, or allow traffic over the area that has been top dressed, for approximately 4 weeks. This will allow the lawn, a chance to grow back through the top dressing you have applied.


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Northside is based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and services the Northern Beaches, Warringah, Pittwater, Upper North Shore, Lower North Shore and Northern Suburbs council regions. Northside has an extensive knowledge of the local conditions on the Northern Beaches, and can help you find the perfect turf solution for your yard.


Northside takes pride in providing property owners in North Sydney with premium turf that is disease, pest and weed free. Some of the types of turf that we recommend include


Best turf services Sydney and the North Shore

You want that perfect lawn, but where do you start? What’s the best turf solution for your property, soil, and climate? How do I even start to lay my lawn and get it to root properly?
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