Tree Removal Services in Balmain

Trees can add beauty, character, and value to any yard. But, they come with a few downsides. Leaves and sticks can clog gutters. Moisture and mold can find its way from the tree trunk to your siding. While trees can look nice, they can make a mess of your property. And when they fall, they can become dangerous. Trees that are too close to a house can be a hazard when they rot or are damaged. Overgrown trees can also attract nuisance animals and pests, too. If you’re currently in need of tree services on your Balmain property, you need the expertise of a qualified arborist and tree removal service. Northside Tree and Garden has been serving the Balmain area for 20 years, and our trained professionals have extensive experience tree removal, tree lopping, stump removal and grinding. Tree Removal Balmain by Northside Tree & Garden Services

Tree Removal Balmain

Removing trees on your own is a dangerous business. You can fall, have a tree fall on you, cut yourself and risk infection, or have nasty pests attack you. By hiring a qualified arborist to cut down your problem tree, you can avoid these risks. Our workers will inspect the area around your home for adequate tree cutting and removal. We’ll also consider where your utility lines are when removing the tree. Our tree professionals do the hard and dangerous work of tree removal and all of our arborists are licensed and insured.

Tree Lopping Balmain

Trees that are in otherwise healthy condition, but are too large and close to the house are candidates for tree lopping and pruning. In this case, Northside Tree and Garden will inspect the tree for which branches we can safely cut. This is a crucial task to ensure that your tree remains healthy and robust. If you try to do this yourself, you risk harming the tree and killing it. Kill the tree, and you’ll have to have it removed from the property safely.

Tree Pruning Balmain

Overgrown trees can cause hazards to your property and your neighbours’, as well as stunt the growth of the plants around them. Tree pruning involves regular tree trimming to maintain the health, shape and beauty of your trees. Tree pruning gets rid of damaged and unhealthy branches, bringing more sunlight into your landscape. As fully qualified arborists, we will access your trees and advise whether you need removal or tree pruning. Tree Pruning Balmain by Northside Tree & Garden Services

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding Balmain

Stump removal is when the entire stump, plus the tree’s root ball are removed from the ground and discarded. This ensures that no re-growth occurs and you can plant a new tree or garden bed in that part of the yard. Stump grinding, on the other hand, means that the root ball is left in the ground to disintegrate and rot. The visible part of the stump is ground down, creating mulch. You can use the mulch for a garden bed if you choose. Then, the spot over the root ball is covered up. Unfortunately, you can’t ensure that the tree won’t try to grow back if you leave the root ball behind. If you are looking for a more affordable method of covering up that unsightly stump, and you aren’t worried about re-growth, we’d be more than happy to grind down the stump for you. But if you don’t want to risk having the tree grow back, it’s best to have us remove the offending stump.

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Our tree and garden services include:
  • tree removal Balmain
  • tree pruning Balmain
  • tree lopping Balmain
  • stump removal Balmain
  • stump grinding Balmain
  • hedge trimming Balmain
  • turf supplies Balmain
  • turf preparation Balmain
  • turf installation Balmain
  • turf laying Balmain
  • lawn installation Balmain
  • garden maintenance Balmain
  • landscaping Balmain
  • paving Balmain
  • retaining walls Balmain

Tree Removal Balmain by Northside Tree & Garden Services

Why Choose Northside Tree & Garden for Tree Removal

We are highly trained to handle all of your tree and garden needs. Our qualified arborists are familiar with the Sydney climate, flora and fauna. We also care about quality and safety and have formed close relationships with the North Sydney council and its regulations. And you can rest assured that we’ll know exactly how to care for your trees. Whether you need a simple lopping job or wish to have trees and stumps removed, we can help. You can set up a one-time service with us, or we can schedule recurring visits for pruning and lopping. We offer a free, no-obligation quote so you’ll know exactly what we can do for your property and how much it will cost. Partner with one of the leading lawn and garden companies in Balmain. Call Northside Tree & Garden Services Sydney 0410 638 755 or fill out the enquiry form below and we will get back to you shortly.