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Basic Facts about the Mosman Council Flora and Fauna Survey

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We have reached a crucial stage in our fight for the survival of our planet. Global leaders convened in Glasgow for the COP26 to help battle climate change, and it’s now time for bold climate action. 

The conclusion reached by the COP26 trickled down to individual countries. Our country continued its aggressive stand against climate change. In December 2021, Ecosure carried out a comprehensive flora and fauna survey on behalf of the Mosman Council.

What is the relevance of this survey to us? Will it affect landscaping and gardening in Sydney? If you have these concerns, continue reading this article to learn more.

The Findings

Ecoscope found out that the area’s ecological health is improving – including residential landscaping and gardening in Sydney. This development is primarily due to the efforts of the Mosman Council.      

They aim to cultivate native flora and fauna. It is a win-win situation for the residents and the council because they get to keep track of changes in flora and fauna while enjoying the beauty of their town. Here are some of their findings:

Recovery of Indigenous Native Plants

The 2016 survey concluded that there were 490 native plant species. However, this number has increased to 499. In the survey, it was established that native species have been able to survive and grow.   

You can see this in action in your backyard. The Mosman Council regulates landscaping and gardening in Sydney because we might introduce a plant that is a risk to our native flora. The committee also encourages the use of native plants.

The Mosman Council believes that using native plants is essential to our ecosystem. Using native plants will make sure that the native species thrive. However, they also learned that the pear cactus and fireweed do not pose any risk to our local flora.

These findings come as good news to homeowners and gardening enthusiasts. The council believes, through this survey, that we all can be partners in improving the health of our ecosystem.

Management of Native Plants

It has been noted that some of the flora are invasive to our ecosystem. In the survey, it was found that the native vegetation can compete with other plants. The survey showed that we need to manage our flora and fauna to ensure that the native species prosper.

The Mosman Council has already started this management program. The committee set up a unit to monitor plants and the large tracts of bushland at Middle Head, Georges Heights and Bradley’s Head. These areas are native to our ecosystem. Furthermore, the council maintains that we need to preserve and protect our native vegetation.

From the survey, the Mosman Council has come up with a lot of valuable information. It can aid homeowners and gardeners in maintaining native flora and fauna.


From the above discussion, we can all see the importance of these investigations and surveys. It’s essential to preserve and protect our environment and ecosystems. Many countries in the world are doing just that.

Our councils also believe in the importance of researching and protecting the flora and fauna that are native to our ecosystems. For this reason, the Mosman Council conducts these surveys. The council actively regulates landscaping and gardening in Sydney to measure the health of our ecosystem.  

If you want to ensure that you help in the propagation of indigenous flora in your backyard, you can tap into the expertise of Northside Tree and Garden Services. We do not simply offer landscaping and gardening in Sydney, but we advocate the regulations set by the Mosman Council. Contact us now for more information!