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Considerations in Cutting Down a Tree in Willoughby Council

Part C.9 Vegetation Management of the Willoughby Development Control Plan limits the plants and trees you can prune, remove, or transplant on your property. Before cutting or removing a tree, you must first submit a Vegetation Management application and obtain Council approval. This article will help you learn more about the different considerations for permits in cutting down a tree or tree pruning or tree removal in Willoughby Council.

Can I Cut Down a Tree in Willoughby Council Without a Permit?

Yes, but under certain conditions only. You are entitled to prune, remove, or transplant trees on your land without a permit.

Still, you must follow the same process for clearing vegetation as if you were seeking a permit. You need to complete and submit an application form and work plan to Willoughby Council.

What Conditions Apply to Pruning and Tree Removal in Willoughby Council?

1. A Crown Spread Exceeding 3 Metres

When the crown spread of a tree exceeds 3 meters, a permit and inspection by a Council arborist are required. This will help ensure your tree pruning is designed to minimize negative impacts on your neighbors.

2. Removing Plants Designated as Noxious Plants Under the Noxious Weeds Act of 1993

A permit is required for the removal, pruning, or control of trees such as willows, wild cherry, wild peach, poplar, and silver birch that have been declared noxious under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993. So, This helps to keep harmful plants from spreading into other areas.

Besides that, the Council has an obligation to manage poisonous plants to eliminate them from the community. This is undertaken in the most effective and least harmful manner.

3. Removing a Tree Taller Than 40 Metres

Trees over 40 meters require a permit and are assessed by a Council arborist. This is to ensure the preservation of native birds and other fauna.

4. Removal of Plants Protected by the National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1974

Removal of any plants protected by the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 within the Willoughby and City of Parramatta local government areas requires a permit issued by Council.

So, This ensures potential impacts on the area’s environment, community, and ecology are identified and addressed. 

How to Save on Tree Removal?

1. Remove Your Trees During the Off-Season

Tree removals are best done during the offseason. The best time for those living in Willoughby Council is in May and June before summer.

So, This is because trees suffer from drying out and fungus during the hot summer months due to the evaporation of moisture from the soil and the tree’s leaves.

2. Keeping a Distance From Power Lines

Limit the distance of your tree removal to the power lines to around 10 meters. This saves you the cost of resplicing the line if you need to move it.

3. Use a Tree Removal Company With Insurance and Credibility

When choosing a tree removal company in Willoughby Council, select one with a good track record and insurance. So, Confirm whether they are licensed and ask for a copy of their insurance details, certificate of currency, and safety policy.


Cutting trees without the proper permits and permissions can attract fines and penalties. Ensure you are covered by getting the correct licenses, following the rules, and understanding your rights. Love your trees and landscape, protect it, and enjoy it

Tree removal is a process that needs professional attention. Not doing so may pose public safety hazards or harm your trees’ root system.

So, You can contact tree cutting services in Willoughby Council to do the work for you. Northside Tree and Garden Services tailors its benefits for your specific needs, which suit your budget. Contact us today!

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