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5 Reasons to Carry Out Tree and Stump Removal During Winter

There’s a reason so many projects are done during the summer. If you are trying to clean up your lawn, doing so in the winter means that you do not have to deal with fallen leaves. The same goes for tree and stump removal, which is an undertaking that requires patience. 

That said, one of the best projects to ever do during the winter is the tree and stump removal project. Here’s why:

1. Stops New Trees from Growing

The problem with cutting down trees during the summer is that new trees may sprout in their place, all thanks to the abundance of nutrients. With the stump still in place, the chances are that the tree will grow back. As such, removing the stump during the winter stops the tree from growing at all, ensuring that when summer arrives again, you do not have to deal with a new tree growth you did not want. 

2. Prevents Exhausting Post-cleaning Sessions 

Since the trees have all shed their leaves by now, you do not have to deal with extra cleanup work after you’ve cut them down. This helps to save a lot of time for other activities. You wouldn’t have to end up renting a larger bin or trailer to hold all the leaves!

3. Leaves Room for Spring Projects

With all the trees removed during the winter, you can rest easy knowing that when spring arrives, there’s plenty of space for you to carry your activities out. Regardless of your spring projects, whether planting new trees or plants, more space in your garden during the spring means more nutrients for them, too!

4. Avoids Summer-Related Infestations

When you cut your trees during the summer, you expose their insides, attracting many insects. In winter, however, many of these insects won’t be moving around as much. In other words, if you do not want to deal with the infestation that usually follows a tree removal during the summer, do it during the winter.

5. Provides Plants Better Access to Nutrients

When winter hits, plants will struggle to continue surviving until spring arrives again. To ensure that the plants you want to maintain throughout the winter still survive when the weather gets warmer, make sure to get rid of the trees and stumps during the winter! This also ensures that other plants will gain more water and nutrients once the trees are removed.


There are many other reasons to carry out your tree and stump removal project during the winter apart from what we’ve already shared. Many people prefer doing it during the winter simply because they prefer the cold weather over the sweaty season. 

Of course, whether you ultimately decide to remove your trees and stumps during the winter is up to you. Just consider the reasons we’ve shared above, and make your decision accordingly! 

If you need help removing trees from your lawn, be sure to reach out to the professionals. They’ll do a thorough job to ensure you no longer have to worry about unwanted trees, effectively bringing you the dream lawn you desire.

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