3 Tips for Caring For Your Trees During Winter

Now that winter has finally arrived in Sydney, all you’ll want to do is bundle up at home and stay warm while temperatures outside plummet. However, your backyard still needs some care and love, especially if you want it to survive the cold season. For this reason, you’ll need to pay attention to your trees to ensure they thrive when spring comes around.

The prospect of going out of your house in the winter season may be unpleasant, but the maintenance that your garden will receive will ultimately pay off once the temperatures rise again. You’ll have abundant, healthy trees that make your property like a personal paradise. 

Here are three tips for caring for your trees during the winter:

1. Prune Your Trees

It’s best to prune deciduous trees once they’ve shed all their leaves, and you can also have a better view of what else needs pruning. It’s also best to hold off on pruning until the middle or end of winter, right before new growth starts, to protect them from the elements and harmful organisms like pathogenic fungi. Additionally, pruning your trees too early will result in slowed healing since they’ll be dormant, leaving them more at risk of damage and disease.

In general, fruit trees and trees like Japanese Maples and Jacarandas will benefit from pruning during the winter. Exercise caution when pruning, and be sure to do it at the right time, as you want to avoid removing too much from your tree. When in doubt, you may want to call the best landscapers in Sydney, who can give you the guidance you need to cultivate beautiful, lush trees.

2. Compost Fallen Leaves

Your backyard will be full of crunchy, fallen leaves that double as excellent compost. Gathering them for composting will ensure that you help your trees take care of themselves while practising sustainable ways to look after your garden. Adding fallen leaves to your compost heap will introduce carbon and nitrogen to the microorganisms already present, turning them into a nourishing protein that will make your garden richer and healthier than ever before.

3. Water and Protect New Trees

Lastly, be sure to feed, water, and protect your newly planted trees and fruit trees in your backyard. These plants need a little more attention than enormous, sturdy trees. Even though winters can be cold and dry, making the watering process sound redundant, your trees still need hydration to stay alive. 

You can also prep your trees for winter by covering them and your garden beds with mulch, which will keep the soil warm and moist while protecting it from frost. Additionally, if you hope to plant new trees or you plan to replant them in the winter, don’t forget to put well-rotted compost and fertiliser, which will help your new plants thrive and bloom when spring rolls around. 


Many people don’t look forward to the dreariness and coldness of winter. Everything slows down and becomes dormant, and it’s generally more pleasant to stay inside, where it’s warm and comfortable. However, your backyard still needs your attention as it combats the crisp winter air. By following these three tips, you’ll enjoy bountiful spring growth and maintain a beautiful garden!

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