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5 Tips for Caring for Your Lawn During the Spring and Summer

Australia’s breathtaking landscapes bloom into their full glory during the spring and summer seasons, which means there’s no better time for your lawn to shine than these warm months. Fresh from the winter chill, your greenery is flourishing to boast its bright verdant colour, and you’ll want to make sure it has the best chance possible of blooming to the fullest.

However, taking care of your lawn in the summer and spring can be tricky, as you’ll need to use the best fertilisers, know the ideal grass height, and the best practices you can use to maintain your lawn. You’ll also want to work with the best landscapers in Sydney to ensure optimal growth. Here are some lawn care tips to keep in mind for the spring and summer seasons:

1. Mow Your Lawn Regularly

There’s more to cutting grass than simply chopping off the overgrowth. You’ll need to shave off enough grass so that it doesn’t look unkempt, but it’s essential to avoid over-mowing it so that your grass has enough moisture while preventing weeds from growing in them. Additionally, the grass clippings double as organic manure, adding more fertility to your lawn.

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t mow your lawn too frequently. Some homeowners are keen on reducing the number of times they mow by cutting their grass too short, but that leaves the ground more exposed, resulting in uneven patches. If you mow too often, the grass will lose the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

2. Fix Uneven Areas

Having patches on your lawn will stress it out. Your grass won’t have the optimal conditions it needs to grow adequately, which will compromise your lawn’s entire look. Diseases and weeds can also proliferate in this situation, ruining your lawn further. 

To avoid this, repair the bare and uneven areas by filling up the recessed areas and levelling the raised ones. Plant more seeds in the empty spots to frequently fill out the patches and water to encourage fast growth.

3. Aerate Your Lawn’s Soil

Tightly packed soil paves the way for weeds to grow while depriving your grass of the nutrients and water they need to grow. You can use an aerator or fork to lower the risk of weeds while guaranteeing that your grass grows correctly. Aerating will also lower instances of waterlogging while boosting your lawn’s overall drainage.

4. Use the Right Herbicides

Weeds are a significant threat to a thriving lawn, so using suitable herbicides is crucial to keep weeds at bay. Be sure to apply them in appropriate quantities, as adding too much will damage your grass. The extent of your weed problem should tell you how much herbicide to use for your lawn. 

5. Fertilise Your Lawn

The best time to apply fertilisers on your lawn is the beginning of spring and summer, where your turf will undergo optimal growth. You can take this to the next level by adding the right amount of fertiliser. Controlled-release nitrogen fertiliser is highly recommended for grass in the summer since it assures even grass growth.


Taking care of your lawn requires dedication and commitment to ensure it looks its best throughout the warmest months of the year. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll have a lush lawn that is sure to impress your neighbours!

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