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How Long Does It Take Newly Laid Turf to Set or Root?

After your new lawn has been laid, some time has to be allowed for the turf to set. After this settlement process is completed, you will need to continue to take care of your lawn to ensure that it will remain healthy long after the turf has been rooted. A common question that is asked is How to Laid Turf to Set or Root? If you are wondering the same thing, this blog post will help shed light on the turf rooting process and provide other need-to-know tips to help your lawn look its best!

How long does it take newly Laid turf to set or “root”?

The time it takes for the roots of the turf to root and establish itself will vary. The turf can take eight to 12 weeks to root properly. It will also take another four to six months for the root system to be fully established and become mature.

How do I check that the turf has been rooted?

To check if the roots have established themselves, simply feel the grass. If your new lawn is well-rooted, it will feel spongy. If you touch the grass and it feels like hay, it is not rooted well enough yet.

It’s usually recommended to allow the turf to settle for at least six weeks before you start to make any other changes to your lawn. This process is also important to allow the seeds to germinate.

What to do when the roots are not yet established?

When you’re busy caring for a new lawn, you want the best success possible. To achieve this, a few things can be done to ensure that the roots have a great start. ʻ

These steps include:

  1. Water your lawn frequently, especially during the summer months.
  2. Keep the grass clippings under control so they do not interfere with the root system.
  3. Do not mow the grass too short. Leave at least 2 – 3 inches of grass.
  4. Fertilise the lawn regularly.
  5. Ensure that the soil is moist but not wet before watering.
  6. Avoid walking on the lawn frequently.
  7. Once the turf is well-rooted, it will be able to withstand these things better.

How much time should I wait before mowing?

After the lawn is laid, it takes time to establish the roots. It’s essential to give the lawn at least six weeks to set properly. That’s because it takes time for the roots to establish themselves well enough to make the turf sturdy.

You should avoid mowing the turf during this period. Mowing it too soon will make the roots come up, causing ʻrootball disease’. This disease will cause your new lawn to fail.


By taking care of your lawn and ensuring that everything is in the right place, the turf will remain healthy and look great for many years to come.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when caring for a new lawn. If you need some professional help or turf laying services in Sydney, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Northside Tree and Garden Services!

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