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New Lawn Maintenance: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Finally! Your dream turf has finally come to life. It is time to learn how you can properly maintain it. Do not worry, though. It is only natural for new lawn parents not to know the basics of establishing a great-looking yard. That is why you are here, willing to learn a few tips and tricks. Therefore, let us begin by allowing the best landscapers in Sydney to answer some of the frequently asked questions about turf maintenance. Discover essential tips for new lawn maintenance in our comprehensive FAQs guide. Learn about watering, walking, mowing, and more to ensure a stunning and healthy yard.

New Lawn Maintenance FAQs

1. How Often Should You Water Your New Lawn?

Watering the turf is essential for keeping the lawn looking good, especially if you have a newly installed one. Freshly laid turf requires daily watering until its roots grow enough and they can hold on by themselves.

Remember that when the turf was transferred to your home, it was chopped, rolled up, and soaked. All those can confuse the greens, especially when they end up placed in another new environment.

Thankfully, they get exposed again to enough sunlight and good airflow in your yard. If you think this change would immediately bring back life to your turf, it will not happen anytime soon.

Your turf is currently like newly-operated grass that needs to recover again, and that would require your patience, attention, and daily watering.

2. How Much Water Should You Give?

Another confusing topic is knowing how much water you should feed your grass. The answer depends on many factors, such as the weather and the type of soil your property has. Here is a guideline you may use as a reference:

  • On Hot/Windy Days: Water your turf at least two times a day. Make sure that it does not become too dry. Adding water-retaining crystals can help improve the situation.
  • At Night: Make sure to check the turf at night by lifting one of its corners. If you see it dry, give it a good soaking until puddles are present on the surface. Do another round of checking after half an hour. If the soil is still dry, water it again. 

New turf absorbs water faster than regular turf. You will soon notice that as time passes, the way they consume water becomes lesser each day.

After two weeks, and only if the weather is not too hot, you may slowly reduce the amount of water you give to your turf. Do it until you find the right amount that would sustain their need for a day.

3. Can You Walk on the New Turf on Your Lawn?

Seeing the new greens growing on your lawn can be one of the most exciting things you have seen in a long time. However, keep yourself out of the lawn just yet.

Keep in mind that the grass has been through a lot of trauma, and it needs to recover first. Walking on the lawn would only mean applying the same distress to your grass. 

Let it regrow its roots and repair its leaves first before you roll or walk on your lawn. Should you need to step on it when watering, try to use laying boards to spread your weight evenly and take them out once you are done. 

4. When Can You Start Mowing?

It would take a while before you can mow your lawn. Let them establish their roots first for the first three to four months. After that, you can start mowing the lawn already.

Still, start with relatively high and sharp mowing blades of around five to six centimeters while your new lawn is established. Aim for the top of the grass and try to remove only one-third of its total length. 


Taking care of something new can always be nerve-wracking, especially when they are living things too. A newly placed turf requires love, maintenance, and attention, just like new plants and pets.

Now that you know how to take care of them in their first few months, you can guarantee a great-looking green view from your home.

Let the expert landscaper from North Shore address all the other turf care you need. We are committed to offering our expert opinion and advice to locals who may be unsure what option they should settle for.

So, Get expert tips for new lawn maintenance in our FAQs guide. Learn about watering, walking, mowing, and more to keep your yard looking stunning.

We provide a full supply and installation of turf, offering a comprehensive service that guides you through the process. We also supply and lay it for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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