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4 Landscaping Ideas for a Hilly Yard for a Dream Backyard

There’s a reason so many people love hillside properties. Everything from the home’s design to its beautiful surroundings makes it the dream place to live in for most of us. However, such beauty comes with heavy maintenance, and one worries you might always have in your mind when living on such a property is the potential for soil erosion. Regardless, landscaping can be quite the problem, where identifying an aesthetically pleasing yet functional solution can be a far more significant challenge than you might have expected. Fortunately, you’re here today, and we’re going to share with you some excellent landscaping ideas for a hilly yard to help you make the most out of it:

Landscaping Ideas for a Hilly Yard

1. Build Stairs

If you like the look of a hill covered by native plants, you can add a little more order to the view by building stairs on it. If you want something rustic, opt for wooden stairs.

So, If you don’t mind the more modern look, go for concrete. Regardless, both options fit well to most, if not all, hillside looks.

Just make sure that what you pick fits not only the hill’s look but your home’s as well.

2. Design a Winding Path

If you’re planning to scale the hill often but do not want to opt for stairs, you can consider building a winding path. It is also a much safer solution than stairs.

Especially if you have family members who have trouble moving around, such a winding path can reduce the amount of slope they have to deal with to make getting up the hill easier.

3. Install a Retaining Wall

Install a retaining wall if the hill is steep and you want to do nothing else but lower the risk of any landslide or erosion-related problem.

Keep in mind that you can also use a retaining wall to add more space to your backyard, as the wall can be used to hold back large amounts of soil to give you more space for different projects like a garden.

4. Plan Some Native Plants

When we say native plants, we’re talking about the plants that naturally grow in your area without much human intervention.

These are the types of plants you’ll want on your hill if you do not want to bother maintaining the hill too much. With the growing, their roots will help keep the soil in place, reducing the risk of erosion.


Apart from the tips we’ve shared with you so far, there are so many other things you can do to up your hillside’s functionality and looks. Regardless, our tips will help you turn your backyard hill from something that’s simply a mound of dirt into something else genuinely extraordinary.

That being said if you are having trouble figuring out what you should do with your backyard hill or understand how to accomplish your ideas, reach out to professional landscapers.

They can identify what they have to work with, coming up with projects to turn your backyard hill into something stunning!

Northside Tree and Garden Services offer a wide range of high-quality tree services and solutions, along with other services such as turf, garden maintenance, and more.

If you are looking for the best landscapers in Sydney to help you design your landscape, work with us today!

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