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The Best Guide on How to Restore Your Lawn’s Colour

When you notice your lawn becoming yellow or brown in certain parts, it will cause you to worry and even wonder if you are doing something wrong. However, while not good, grass discolouration may be something normal for you to experience.

While it may look like a lost cause, you can still save your lawn from discolouration with basic maintenance and an understanding of the problem. One of the most prevalent reasons for grass or lawn discolouration is a lack of nitrogen and water.

Restoring Colour on Your Lawn

When restoring colour to your grass, you will need to take elaborate steps in doing so. Below is a guide on what you can do:

Preparing for Recovery

Start by cutting off the top layer of your grass. You can remove up to about ⅓ of the tops of grass using a sharp blade or mower. After doing this, get rid of all the dirt and weeds from your lawn. Aside from this, you may want to remove some of the furniture or decor you have out on your property.

This is a crucial step to ensure that you do not obstruct your lawn. Once it is clear and all left is your glass, you can begin with your treatment.

Treatment Methods

Many treatment mixes are made for your lawn. While each one may have different ingredients, the point of these treatments is to restore your “dead” or discoloured grass. While it is mentioned above that each of these treatments contains different ingredients, the most common ones are stabilised nitrogen, grass seed, and soil enhancer.

Applying this to your lawn is a great way to help your lawn’s recovery. If you follow the directions correctly, your lawn should be back to its luscious green colour in no time. Make sure, however, that you also do your research or work with a professional—these treatments are more powerful than fertiliser and could do more harm than good if not used properly.

Regularly Watering

However, using the treatment is not the only way to help your lawn maintain its luscious green. You also need to have a regular care routine for your lawn too. One of the main reasons for grass discolouration is the lack of watering.

Watering the lawn may seem like a tiring job, so, ideally, you install sprinkler systems. After doing so, you can set them to water your lawn regularly. This must be done precisely once or twice a day. Make sure you do not overwater, as well.

Monitor Sprouts and Progress

After following the steps above, you should begin to see some changes in your lawn. Your lawn should start to have more colour and growth again. Your grass blades will begin to grow out, and it will look like your lawn is going back to normal.

Once you have achieved this, you can go back to your regular lawn care routine. However, make sure not to neglect your lawn again to prevent the discolouration from happening once more.


If you have noticed how unhealthy your lawn has become, then you may want to consider using a special treatment for it. Just make sure to follow the steps above to help with your lawn’s recovery. Make sure to take extra care of your lawn after its recovery. This way, you will not have to worry about discolouration anymore.

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