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Discover the 5 factors to consider before landscape design. From yard capacity to a theme, our guide will ensure a successful project.

5 Factors to Consider Before Planning For a Landscape Design

Redesigning or building a landscape design for a backyard requires both the vision and idea to make it look good. However, aside from the design aspect of the project, it also takes many things to consider to ensure the plan goes smoothly. But if you’re drawing a landscape design for the first time, which factors do you need to consider to make sure it ends successfully? Enhance the success of your landscape project with 5 factors before landscape design.

5 Factors Before Landscape Design

1. Yard Capacity

Landscape design is not as simple as drawing a few plants in the backyard. It involves planning and coding the layout of your entire backyard. Aside from creating the house, it also consists of the driveway, walkways, and even the parking space.

Of course, all these will affect the design of the landscape design. For example, a house’s landscape design should factor in the storage space for the things kept in the garage.

2. The Function of the Space

Aside from aesthetics, landscape design also plays a role in the functionality of the space. Knowing the function of the area is essential to make sure that you can maximize the use of the room.

For example, your home’s outdoor space should be able to serve at least two purposes. For example, your home’s outdoor space can double as the play area for children and the party area for your guests.

3. The Overall Theme

As stated earlier, landscape design is not just about putting a few plants in the backyard. It is also about creating a plan for the entire backyard.

The design should be consistent with the theme of the entire home. If you have a modern home, then your outdoor space should have a modern design aside from the classic design of your interior space.

The overall theme is also essential if you combine different spaces, such as your backyard, as a play and party area. You need to see how the garden and the play area can coexist. If the areas are too far apart, it will not look good.

4. Link Spaces

If you’re drawing a landscape design for an outdoor space that will serve two purposes, it is also essential to link these two purposes.

While the design becomes more complex, it also creates a barrier between the different spaces. A separated backyard looks not only messy but also looks very confusing.

For example, if you have an outdoor patio that serves as a play area for children, you also need to create a space that can be used as an entertainment area for your guests.

5. Garden Plants

After you’ve considered the capacity and the function of your backyard, you should also think about the plants you need to include in the design. You see, plants are not just something you can buy while you buy gardening tools.

Before you plan on drawing the garden for your backyard, it is essential to have an idea of the plants you want to use in the garden. If you don’t have an idea for the plants, designing the garden will be almost impossible.


Landscaping is the process of connecting space with the style of the home. There are a lot of factors to consider before you can start drawing your backyard landscape.

The elements, style, theme of the house, and the garden’s design should be compatible to create a good and functional landscape design.

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