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Looking for ways to reduce noise pollution in your home? Discover the best plants for noise reduction that can absorb and deflect sound waves.

Best Plants That Will Help You Reduce Noise Pollution

If you have a noise problem in your home, you’ll be glad to know that there are plants that are effective at reducing noise levels. First, they act as a physical barrier, absorbing and deflecting sound waves. Second, they help to create a sense of enclosure and privacy, which can make a noise source seem less intrusive. Now, you may be wondering what plants are best to block out noise. To help you out, here’s a list of plants that will help you keep the noise pollution down. Here are, Best plants for noise reduction to improve your home’s environment.

Best Plants for Noise Reduction

1. Holly Shrubs

Holly shrubs are known for their sound-absorbing and noise-reducing abilities. They can grow relatively small, but some variants can reach up to 50 feet tall and 40 feet wide. Their leaves are dense and grow quickly, making them effective at blocking out noise.

If you want a festive-looking shrub that can help reduce noise levels at your home, consider planting a holly shrub. They are often known for their red berries, which can also add to your property’s aesthetic value.

2. Western Red Cedar

The Western red cedar is a type of Thuja tree that is native to North America. It is a popular choice for hedges and privacy screens because it is easy to care for and maintain.

Additionally, the western red cedar is known for being fast-growing, so you can buy a less-developed tree for a lower price. This type of tree is also great for noise reduction because of its dense leaves.

3. Murraya 

Murraya is a plant that is good at reducing noise, and it grows quickly and densely. If you live in a warm climate, Murraya should be one of the plants you consider because it does well in hot weather.

In addition to helping reduce noise, Murraya hedges can also provide privacy, wind protection, and a nice fragrance for your yard.

4. Buxus

Buxus, or Boxwood, is an ideal plant for use as a sound barrier. Its thick, evergreen leaves provide excellent coverage, and its dense growth habit ensures that noise is effectively absorbed.

Boxwood is a low-maintenance plant that can be easily shaped to create the desired look for your home.

5. Juniper

Juniper shrubs have many features that make them an excellent choice for noise cancellation and wildlife. They have thick branches at ground level, which helps to muffle the sound.

The flowers on the shrubs produce pollen that turns into berries and cones, providing a food source for wildlife. Junipers are also very low-maintenance, surviving in even the most adverse conditions with little to no care.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you figure out what the best plants are to help you minimize noise on your property.

As you can see, there are a slew of different options if you want to add any of these plants to your home. Be sure to keep everything you’ve learned here in mind so that you can reduce the noise pollution in your space. 

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