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If you're unsure how to go about landscaping your new home, don't fret! Here are some landscaping tips you can follow to create a dream home.

Five Landscaping Tips to Create a Stunning Dream Home

Whether you’ve just built a home or moved into a new one, you usually share the same thoughts as many other new homeowners. We’re talking about ideas revolving around landscaping! Just as important as the house itself is the immediate surroundings. Ensuring that the landscape looks excellent makes the entire property look better and boosts the property’s value immensely, two things you’d want to enjoy out of your home. That being said, if you are unsure how to go about landscaping your new home, don’t fret! Here are some landscaping tips you can follow that Landscaping tips for a dream home.

5 Landscaping Tips for a Dream Home

1. Design the Front Pathway

One of the first places you can take your landscaping efforts to is the front of your home. This is where most people who do lay their eyes on your home will see, and you’d want the place to look the best it can be.

If you are wondering where you can start landscaping, consider landscaping the front part of the home. More specifically, consider creating a pathway.

The pathway can act as a starting point for your landscaping efforts, where the designs and materials you pick will revolve around the path itself.

2. Be Aware of Local Council Guidelines

When landscaping, you must be aware of the local council guidelines. There are rules as to what you can and cannot do in landscaping, and following these rules is vital if you do not want to deal with hefty fines.

Also, some of these rules help you make more efficient use of resources like water. Essentially, sticking to the rules allow you to waste fewer resources, saving money and even time.

3. Pick Plants That Reflect Your Free Time

We all dream of having the most stunning gardens globally, but the most beautiful gardens often require plenty of time and effort to grow.

In other words, pick the plants that reflect your free time. If you have little to no time, pick hardy plants that can survive without much care.

If you have more free time, then feel free to choose plants that require more attention from your end.

4. Be Careful When Picking Trees and Shrubs

You might think that planting what you initially thought to be a small tree right next to your home is a good idea. However, as the months go by, this tree grows into a titan of a plant.

This problem can lead to many issues, such as its root damaging your pavement and even pipes, while the tree itself constantly fills your roof with debris. 

To avoid this issue, you need to determine the tree’s mature height and rootball size to plant before planting the tree. The same applies to your shrubs!

5. Allocate Enough Space for Various Activities

You might want to cover your entire lawn with your landscaping ideas, but remember that you still need some open space. Why? Because you’ll host many activities!

If you’re looking for a place to BBQ or simply want an area where you can play with your kids or pets, an open lawn is a great place to do all of that.

Of course, this will be impossible if everything is covered with plants, so always allocate enough space for different activities!


With all of that in mind, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start surveying around your home and jot down all the ideas you have in mind. If you want to, feel free to check out images on the internet for stunning landscape designs.

These are excellent places to source your inspiration and design ideas from, and before you know it, your home will look just like any of the pictures you’ve found. That said, if you are looking for landscaping assistance, don’t be afraid to reach out to the professionals.

They are well-versed in landscaping, and with their expertise, you can design the perfect landscapes that leave you more proud than ever to call the house your home!

Northside Tree and Garden Services offer a wide range of high-quality tree services and solutions tailored to any unique gardening needs and budget. If you are looking for the best landscapers in Sydney to design a stunning garden and more, contact us today!

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