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4 Reasons Hiring a Pro Turf Installer Is Better Than DIY-Ing

If you live in an area where drought conditions are pretty common, synthetic turf may be your only option if you want a beautiful lawn all year round. The benefits include minimal maintenance, no bare spots, no need for fertilisers, and safe for kids and pets. This is why many homeowners are considering getting it for their homes.

But because it’s not exactly a cheap project, some might even think of doing the installation themselves. If you are also considering DIY-ing the turf installation, make sure you read this post to the end first. As experts in garden services on the North Shore, we will tell you why you should leave this project to a professional.

They Will Complete the Project Faster

Do you know how much it will take to install synthetic turf? Unless you are a seasoned pro, it can eat up your whole weekend, and it might not even be finished then! A team of experienced installers can undoubtedly do it faster. So, instead of sweating for several days and dealing with an unfinished construction zone, you should just relax, watch your lawn get transformed, and enjoy your new turf in no time!

They Have Expertise in Any Turf Material

Do you know what turf material is best for your needs? There are different materials available for synthetic turf that require expertise in the field to know which one works for a specific household. Professionals can determine which one is suitable for their clients. More importantly, they know how to handle the material during installation, something that DIYers might not know.

They Can Do a Flawless Installation

You want your turf to look as perfect as possible, right? But DIY-ing the project could go wrong in so many ways. Some homeowners who do the installation themselves end up calling a pro in the end because they did not like the results of their work. There could be warping, bubbling, or any other flaws in your turf when you don’t know how to install it properly. On the other hand, experts who have been installing fake grass for years know exactly how to achieve a perfect turf that looks incredible!

They Can Handle Any Size and Shape of Lawn

It’s unlikely that you have a perfectly squared and levelled lawn. What are you going to do if the area where the turf will be installed is oddly shaped and bumpy? A professional will know how to handle such spaces, and the results they’ll deliver are as you hope for. It’s a complicated task, and as good as a DIYer you might be, this particular project may just be beyond your skills, and that’s fine. This is why there are professionals with the proper training and years of experience to do the job!


There are many home improvement projects that you can DIY inside and outside of the house, but installing synthetic turf may not be one of them. Only the best landscapers in Sydney can install a turf flawlessly, no matter the shape of your lawn. They know which material will work for your household, and they can finish the job faster than you could. These should be reasons enough for you to entrust the job to them instead of doing it on your own!

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