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Here Are Low-Maintenance Native Trees to Plant in Your Yard

If you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s value, you may want to consider enhancing your garden. You could grow various plants and trees as a way to beautify your space and reduce the chances of using your energy so much all the time.

With the help of tree professionals, they will advise you on what kinds of shrubs and trees you should think of planting in your yard, depending on your location and preference. If you feel you don’t have enough time tending to your garden, you should know that some trees don’t require regular maintenance. 

As a result, while you go about your daily routine, you can still expect to witness your trees bloom and thrive without spending too much time maintaining them. Keep reading below to find out the common Australian trees you may want to plant to enhance your garden.

Acacia Tree

Acacia trees are also called Wattles. They are dubbed as the biggest vascular plants in the country, where you can find over a thousand Acacia species in Australia’s forests. The Wattles range from low-growing trees to more prominent shrubs and species.

If you want your yard to look its best, you should start by seeking garden services to assist you with choosing the perfect spot to plant them where they can grow their colourful foliage. During springtime, you can witness Acacia trees showing off yellow flowers that release a sweet scent that envelops your whole yard.

Australian Cherry

Locals also recognise an Australian cherry as Lilly Pilly, a typical hedging plant found in the country. If you plan to hire an expert landscaper to make your garden feel more private, they can recommend planting a Lilly Pilly because they can reach up to thirty meters tall.

Due to their thick foliage that exudes a glossy shine, it makes for a nice-looking plant to grow on your property. They can also produce flowers and berries over time, which you are free to consume as you please. Not only are people attracted to Lilly Pilly, but you can also expect birds to land on their bright flowers. 

Grass Tree

Grass trees are a popular choice for homeowners planning to get into gardening without dedicating too much of their time tending their yard. The trees are categorised as perennials, which can reach up to one to six meters tall, growing about one centimetre each year.

They are considered low-maintenance and are known for their charcoal-coloured trunk and flower spikes that can reach up to four meters long. However, you have to be more patient about seeing them bloom because it will take up to twenty years before their flowers appear.

Coast Banksia

Coast Banksia is a native tree that can reach a height between twenty-five to thirty meters tall. They are known for their stouts, crooked trunks, and low-forming branches. People can also spot a Coast Banksia for its impressive flower spikes and pointed leaves.

As time goes by and the tree’s flower spikes get older, they will turn into prominent grey cones. If your property contains significant amounts of sand, growing a Coast Banksia won’t be a problem because they thrive in sandy soils best.


An Acacia tree, Australian cherry, Grass tree, and Coast Banksia are just some of the well-known and well-loved local trees you may want to think about growing in your yard. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time of day to watch over them because they don’t require hands-on maintenance all the time. If you want to ensure they grow properly, you can always hire professional tree services to develop a perfectly landscaped design to meet your needs.

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