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On Winter Landscaping: Can You Lay Turf During the Cold Season?

Your lawn can have a significant impact on the general aesthetic of your home. As such, you need to practice the necessary lawn care for each season. Although there are different processes involved in lawn upkeep depending on the season, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make your lawn look lovely during the colder months.

Winter Landscaping

Most lawn care activities usually occur during spring and fall, when the temperature is warmer, but you can still do many tasks during June. While waiting for spring, you can care for your lawn through:

  • Aerating
  • Fertilising
  • Mowing
  • Raking
  • Watering
  • Weeding
  • Seeding and Sodding
  • Avoiding Salt Damage
  • Maintaining Equipment

Laying Turf in Winter

During the cold season, your lawn will look a little less attractive than usual. The roots will become frozen, and the grass will go dormant and turn into the colour of straw. There’s not much you can do to improve the appearance of your lawn, but there is one way you can—by laying turf!

Many people don’t recommend laying turf during the colder periods, but there’s no reason you can’t do so. As long as the ground isn’t frozen and you hire the best landscapers in your area, you don’t have to wait for spring to arrive and just lay your new turf now!

Don’t Let the Cold Stop You

Don’t underestimate your turf! Contrary to popular belief, the mere cold will not damage your newly laid turf. Even if your turf roll freezes, it will not be affected by icy conditions—the freezing and defrosting will not impact the quality of your turf in any way. Your turf rolls actually last much longer than during summer or spring, so you won’t have to be pressured into rushing the process. 

Why Winter Is Best for Laying Turf

You can lay turf all year round in Australia, but it is ideal for laying your turf from June to August. Compared to the warmer seasons, laying turf in the winter months is much easier to take care of since they need less watering. 

Only a little watering is necessary because the plants are growing slowly, and the temperature doesn’t evaporate the soil moisture. However, you should still keep an eye out. Don’t ignore the watering altogether—the turf should be watered after laying it down, and the soil must never be allowed to dry out.

Besides less watering, you also don’t need to worry about sod heating during winter. Sod heating is a constant concern for those who lay their turf during spring or summer, as the warmth could cause the harvested surf to suffer from heat stress. When you lay your turf during winter, you can be assured that the turf will be kept fresh for longer in the roll because of the cooler temperature!


Besides sledding, ice skating, and snowboarding, laying turf is also a perfect activity for winter! There are always disadvantages of laying turf at any season, but the winter has the most advantages and least disadvantages. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity—hire a professional in turf laying in Sydney to get started!

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