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Landscaping Tools: Which Are the Best for Reducing Noise?

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A good landscaping project can transform your old backyard into a unique and restful space. But this kind of work is not only hard on your own, but it will be hard for your neighbours as well—especially with the noise that comes from such projects. 

As a common courtesy, you need to do everything necessary to keep things down. Here are some common quiet landscaping tools that can reduce noise pollution in your landscaping project. 

What Are the Quietest Tools to Use? 

Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are one of the loudest tools. They have an undesirable pitch that can turn heads, but this is primarily true of older leaf blower models. The newer ones are a lot less screeching and operate with much less noise.

Electric leaf blower models are designed to be quieter, often going as low as 59 decibels. They still work just as well as oil-powered ones, and they do come with a long cord that can extend several feet into the backyard. But take note that even with the noise reduction feature, it still is pretty loud, so only use it if you can’t use the good old rake.

Lawn Mower

We now have a tree service that is so quiet,  if, near a school or business, you won’t hear sound due to the new equipment being battery powered. Arborist saws and general high pruning performed all over Sydney council areas. We can prune or clear areas as large as a block very quietly, getting ready for your next project. When you are worried about any tree pruning noise or feel that you can’t disturb the environment, we will be happy to assist with arbour and landscape works.

Table Saw and Power Tools

Adding finishing touches to your gardens, such as birdhouses, furniture porch chairs, and other charming backyard woodwork, will need a good set of power tools and a table saw. 

Electric power tools are known to be quiet. Table saws in the belt drive versions, compared to the direct-drive types, are also quieter. These tools are probably noisier than the rest, which is why you need to have a shed with the doors and windows closed during construction projects.

If you can avoid using them, it is recommended that you do. You can always purchase these items, but you can also buy wood that’s already pre-cut. This can also reduce the amount of time spent working on DIY projects.


Trying to stay quiet while working on something in your yard is a considerate gesture that you owe your neighbours. While the work you have to do isn’t exactly quiet, reducing noise is always better than going full throttle. 

If you think the work you’re about to do will get a bit noisy, it’s best to give your neighbours a heads up and let them know that the noise will be temporary until everything is complete.

If you truly want someone to work in your backyard in a much quieter way, you need the best landscapers in Sydney. Northside Tree and Garden Services is a team of the best landscapers and gardeners to cater to your unique gardening needs within your budget. Contact us today!