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Enjoy Your Outdoor Space with Our Gardening Services Sydney

North, south, east, or west, we want to see Sydney’s gardens looking at their best!

Is your backyard crying out for some TLC?

Does your turf look more like earth?

Are your retaining walls beginning to fall?

Moreover, are you looking for a reliable gardening service with an established reputation and a deep dedication to the local area and environment?

At Northside Tree and Garden Service, we craft and maintain gorgeous outdoor spaces and garden designs throughout Greater Sydney.

Whether strata, commercial, or residential, living in the Lower North Shore or on the Northern beaches Northsides’ got the gardening solution for you.

Transform Your Environment with Expert Gardeners on Sydney's North Shore and Peninsula

Everything from tree pruning, stump removing, and lawn laying to designing your garden makeover, landscaping it to perfection, and maintaining its beautiful appearance. We have the experience, the know-how, and – above all – the passion required to bring your dream garden to life.

At Northside Tree and Garden, we want to better understand your gardening goals and needs:

  • Our professional gardeners will conduct an assessment so we can properly envision your dream outdoor space together!
  • We match your needs to a budget that’s suitable for you and always do what’s best for the natural environment.
  • Available 7 days a week. Our experienced landscape designers and gardening team are waiting to transform your Sydney property’s outdoor space into a luxurious area you can truly enjoy.

Sydney Garden Maintenance and Landscaping Services

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Garden Makeovers


Restore your garden to its former glory with our gorgeous garden makeovers.

We sometimes underestimate the time and effort needed to maintain and retain our outdoor spaces. At Northside Tree and Garden, we cover all your bases with our professional garden makeover services on the Northern beaches.

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Landscape Gardening

Landscape Gardening

We’ve many years of experience landscaping gardens in and around the Upper and Lower North Shores as well as throughout Greater Sydney. We love our local environment and aim to create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces for both our strata, residential, and commercial clients.  

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Turf Supply and Laying

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Buying turf for your garden is a far more important process than you might initially think. From what type of turf is best to laying and maintenance, at Northside Tree and Garden our experts have got your back. Our professionals are on-hand 7 days a week to help keep your lawn in tip-top condition.

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Tree & Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal

We provide a range of services and solutions for tree and stump removal in and around Greater Sydney and the Northern Beaches. We have the experience, expertise, and reputation to get the job done safely, cleanly, and with minimum impact on the local environment.

Why Northside Tree & Garden for Your Sydney Property?

Why not? We offer a professional and qualified team that can cater to all your gardening needs within a budget that suits you.

Furthermore, we’re passionate about our work creating safe gardening services and solutions that leave Greater Sydney’s gardens looking glorious.

Our aim is simple: to make your outdoor space and gardening dreams come true.

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Our Commitment to Greater Sydney's Gardens

We move hell and high water to offer a high-quality tailored gardening service, no matter what the requirements or budget.

With pride, we provide a team of experts who attend all gardening works with respect, enthusiasm, and professionalism.

We believe forewarned is forearmed

It’s always good to know where you stand, especially regarding your gardening needs and those of Sydney’s local authorities. Northside Tree and Garden Service go above and beyond, so you have access to everything you need to plan your garden transformations in Greater Sydney.

Access our resources for further information and useful links and numbers, or why not visit our blog for valuable hints and gardening tips?

Client Testimonials

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Northside tree and garden service did my garden makeover for me earlier this month. He is punctual, responsive to emails/texts and my garden has been transformed with mature hedges trimmed, new turf, a path and planting.

Jan james

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Northside tree and garden service did my garden makeover for me earlier this month. He is punctual, responsive to emails/texts and my garden has been transformed with mature hedges trimmed, new turf, a path and planting.

Emma Fabiansson

Councils We Collaborate With

Expert Tree Services in Sydney and the North Shore

On the North Shore? In need of an exceptional tree arborist? Sydney has your answer, our tree specialists are available everyday of the week at Notrhside tree and garden service.
Our professional team of tree surgeons have a reputation for being thorough, getting the job done properly, within budget, and on time.

We have an ardent team of professionals on hand to provide you with excellent customer care and tree services. Sydney is renowned for its exoctic dichotmy of tree species, our specialists are passionate about the local environment and natural habitats. We are eager to meet your needs while ensuring the greatest care is taken in maintaining a balance between creating a beautiful, yet practical outdoor area, and keeping nature’s best interests at heart

Expert Arborist Services: Transforming Sydney's Trees

Offering a range of high quality tree services and solutions, our team can undoubtedly tailor to your unique gardening needs and budget. Northside tree and garden service’s qualified and insured tree surgeons have a deep understanding of the local area, flora, and fauna, and will expertly assess your needs. We have a reputation that guarantees you the services of the best arborist Sydney has to offer on the North Shore area and northern suburbs.

Our years of experience, dedication and enthusiasm means we can offer you the perfect solutions for your tree services. Sydney is an enriching and beautiful city which has seen over 13,000 trees planted in the past 13 years, we take great pride in being available every day of the year to take the most excellent care of them.

Your home is your castle, beautiful gardens and trees add value and accentuate your property. Creative, practical, affordable solutions are what you need, it’s not always necessary to remove an entire tree or stump, and attempting to do so by yourself is ill advised, that’s why you will need the best quality tree services Sydney has to offer